Cajun Style Red Beans & Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage


8-10 hrs low / 6-8 hrs high






Red beans + bell pepper + celery + onion + spices + bay + broth = an incredible one-bowl meal.

There is so much flavor in this dish! Each entree comes with a package of brown rice/ quinoa/ amaranth blend, to provide extra protein and flavor!

Servings Suggestions

Top with thinly sliced green onion and a dash (or more!) of hot sauce.

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Smoked Andouille sausage (Pork, beef, onions, water, red peppers, sea salt, turbinado sugar, spices, celery powder), green bell pepper, onion, celery, dry red beans, scallions, garlic, spices, coconut sugar, sea salt

Comes with 1 carton broth, 1 package rice/quinoa blend

Step by Step


Step One

Defrost in the refrigerator. Add contents to the crock along with the entire carton of broth. Add a slash of warm water to the emptied bag, then seal, shake and pour into the crock to gather up all the extra spices.

(If you have andouille sausage, add them at this stage as well).

Stir to combine, and be sure the beans are all covered in liquid.

Please note: Because this entree uses dry beans, cook time may vary more than normal, depending on the heat of your cooker. Plan to cook your Red beans & Rice on a day when you can give it time and check in on it 🙂

Step Two

Slow Cooker: Low and slow is best. Cook on low for 8-10 hours or high for 6-8.

The beans should be soft and creamy in the center, and beginning to fall apart.

The majority of liquid should be absorbed, though some remaining liquid is just fine.

If the beans have any crunch or toughness, continue to cook.


Step Three

Once cooked, add the package of brown rice/quinoa mix.

Stir together and allow to heat through for 5 minutes

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