Caribbean Pork Curry


6-8 hrs low – 3-4 hrs high


35 min




Tender pieces of pork stew meat simmer in a flavorful Caribbean curry sauce. Once cooked, add the provided can of coconut milk for a creamy finish. Serve over rice or toss with noodles. We love to top this with a fresh slaw of cabbage, thin sliced bell peppers, carrots and cilantro.

Serving Suggestions:

  •  Serve over brown rice
  • Toss with rice noodles (or zucchini noodles)
  • Top with fresh slaw or julienned veggies, and fresh herbs such as cilantro or mint

Always Fresh


Allergy Warning


Spice Level


Local pork shoulder, onion, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, ginger, spices, sea salt

Comes with 1 small can of coconut cream.

Step by Step


Step One

Defrost in the refrigerator. Pour contents into the crock.Add 1/2 cup of warm water to the emptied bag, then shake an pour into the crock to gather up all the extra spices.




Step Two

Slow Cooker: Cook on low for approximately 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours. (low is best for tender pork)

Instant Pot: Set pressure release valve to “sealing”. Use the stew setting, 35 minutes/ high pressure.

Once timer is complete, allow natural release for approx 10 min, then carefully turn to “venting” for manual release. Cook in additional 2 min increments if the pork needs more time to become tender.

Step Three

Once cooked, and add the can of coconut milk. Stir well to combine and allow it to heat through before serving.






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